torsdag den 16. september 2010

Pictures of handmade pieces made for the house

The teapot, cup and pot for the cactus are from DHE/Eurominis

Bottles and cans from Eurominis

The alligators

Outside in the low swamp the alligators are lurking, waiting
for a nice treat. These fierce creatures are luckily just toys!

A look inside

Here you can see the inside of the house, part from the
scullery on the left.

A look from above

A look from above. The lantern is engraved with a french lily
and is made of card, paper, plastic sheet, black paint and
some thin metal wire and a pearl. This picture is taking at
an earlier stage of the process of making the house, so there's
not so many things to be seen.

The kitchen

The small kitchen. Lou has three trophies
mounted on the wall above the door ope-
ning, a Nutria, an alligator scull and a turtle
shield. In the worn armchair, the cat Teddy
is having a relaxing break.

fredag den 10. september 2010

The sleeping area

This is the sleeping area with pictures, posters and an
"home sweet home" embroidery on the wall. There's room
for shaving and there's an old trunk for clothes and linen.
The newspaper is: The Louisiana Times and it doesn't
really excist - but I made it up, to fit the theme of the house.

Winner announced!

- And it wasn't me! :-) 
The winner did a fantastic job and it looks amazing with so much colour and many details - very exciting :-)
Here it is:
Morrocan fantasy

Congratulations to her ;-)

I'm very glad this competition is over so I can begin my other project, a french country house.
And I don't think I'll be doing another competition again like this - it's actually not that amusing working on a project that you're a bit fed up with - but need to do anyway, due to a deadline.
But now at least I gave it a try, and I'm happy with my swamphouse although  :-)

The cozy livingroom

The livingroom where Lou can sit and enjoy
a nice cigar, while reading a book and sipping
some coffee next to the fireplace.

The livingroom with fireplace

A look from the kitchen to the livingroom
with the cozy fireplace and a cauldron
with simmering gumbo in it. There's also
a hunting trophy above the fireplace,
which is an alligator's "paw/hand".

The scullery

Here's the small scullery next to the kitchen.
Lou has hung some laundry on the leash and
by the wall he's got a bucket and some
alligator-hunting equipment.

Playing the blues on the porch

The Finished dolls:
Theo "Curly" Banks, "Sweet" Lou Harvey and Bess Malone,
on the porch enjoying a nice blues-jam.

Bodies and clothes for the dolls

First I've made a simple body of wadding and brown cotton
fabric. Then I made some trousers and a shirt of blue and
white cotton fabric for Theo's clothes. The clothes was
just glued together, because it was a lot easier.

Heads for the dolls

Made of fair-skin coloured Fimo and painted with brown
acrylic paint and other colours for brows, eyes and lips.
It's Theo "Curly" Banks on the left and "Sweet" Lou Harvey
on the right.

fredag den 3. september 2010

Kitchen sink - what a mess

The exterior of the house

The exterior with wood panelling made of balsawood. It's
painted yellow on a brown base with crackle paint in

The house in an early stage

Homemade lamps are added to the house and "Sweet Lou
Harvey" has moved in.

Finishing of the fireplace

Here the fireplace is done, but the decorative pieces are
     still to come.

Preparing for the fireplace

tirsdag den 31. august 2010

Floor tiles

The tiles are painted and glued on to the floor. Between the
tiles I've put some sealant-looking paint with sand, that
I've mixed myself. Then the edges of the tiles were painted
again and a thin layer of antiquing was added.

Here I'm making the tiles for the floor in the livingroom of
self-hardening clay.

Shutters for the windows

The shutters for the windows weren't very easy to make.
I had to cut quite a lot of the small pieces to insert in
the frames. It took many hours to finish these.